July 17, 2011

Request a Song!

If you find a song that doesn't have romaji on this blog, you can post it here.
You can do so by posting either the song name and the artist, the Nico Nico Douga URL, or the Youtube URL in the comments box below.
My promise to you: I will post the romaji the same day as I reply to your request.
I do not do English translations at this time. It is, after all, called Romajiloid.

Feel free to post up to five songs! I'll try to get them up as fast as I possibly can.
Thank you very much! :)


  1. Can you please do the romaji lyrics 4 thiese songz plz?^^

    1.Saturation by Miku Hatsune
    2.ColorfulxSexy by Luka n Meiko
    3.break;down by Miku Hatsune Append(Dark)

  2. I'd be glad to do so. Thanks for requesting~ :)

  3. Can you please do the romaji lyrics of
    -Little Bird and Dreams and a Secret by Kaito?

  4. Can you please do romaji for
    1LEO by Kagamine Len
    2 Goodbye Melt (Fanmade)